Dinöl Cebag / Winöl

The Diesel alternative with a smile

Bio fuel is a booming business, a young market on the move. Diesel engines run without a hitch on Dinöl Cebag®, which is purely a question of sustainable thinking, because a cleaner future requires cleaner solutions. And you can definitely say we are ready for it. Why? Obviously, idealism is not enough to keep the pot boiling, but as old hands in the fantastic business that deals with vegetable oils, we definitely serve as an example. At least, that is how we experience it. This is why Dinöl Cebag® has taken on social responsibility, since it makes complete sense to start working on the world of the future right now. Well-balanced bio fuels that can stand a bit of rough treatment.

Tailor-made fuels: less damaging to the environment, but also a lot friendlier for your wallet. Just think of the added profit for your company.

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